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An American soldier models the trial version of ARPAT camouflage articles

Inspired by the digital MARPAT™ print used by the United States Marine Corps, the ARPAT™ (also known as ACUPAT) design is a three-colour camouflage pattern, distinguished by the conspicuous absence of black. [Image: U.S. Army Public Affairs.] articles
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a brief history of camouflage uniforms

The use of uniforms arose with the creation of standing armies. Whether for personal, regional, or national service, those who raised these armies recognised the need to distinguish friend from foe. For this reason they dressed their soldiers alike in clothes that featured distinctive colours and emblems …Read 'A brief history of camouflage uniforms' >

the science of digital camouflage design

The recent trend, in military camouflage, toward digital (pixelated) camouflage has seen the introduction of Canadian Forces CADPAT™, U.S. Marines MARPAT™, U.S. Army ARPAT™, Finland Model 2005 and, most recently, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan KA2™ pattern. This trend is not prompted by artistic creativity but scientific fact …Read 'The science of digital camouflage design' >

'Soviet' means 'the best'

At the beginning of this new century America's armed forces are switching to new weapons, new communication devices, new gear and — most interestingly — a new camouflage pattern called 'digital', in several colour variations. This pattern was developed in the 1990s and is set to replace the woodland and desert patterns to which we are so accustomed. For now, only the marines wear it, but it seems likely that other branches of the U.S. armed forces will receive it after they wear out their existing camouflage uniforms …Read '"Soviet" means "the best"' >

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