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Australian Special Air Service recruiting poster camouflage data

Uncover your potential', indeed! Once you stop ogling the girl, though, you might notice that this Australian Special Air Service (SAS) recruiting poster shows Australian Disruptive Pattern Camouflage to very good effect. [Image courtesy Brad Turner collection.]


Also known to collectors as 'clown pattern', the Czechoslovakian 'salamander' (Czechoslovakian: mlok) camouflage pattern was introduced with the issue of the vz.60 ('model 60') uniform. It is a five-colour camouflage pattern, comprising bold black, dark green, light green and sand yellow elements, with brown spots. The design is probably derived from a late-war variant of Italian Telo mimetico camouflage pattern.

Initially issued only to Czechoslovakian airborne forces, uniforms patterned in mlok were eventually distributed to army units, as well. The pattern was short-lived, however, and was gradually replaced by the 1965 3-colour Sumpfmuster.

For some reason, mlok is sometimes misidentified as a Canadian camouflage pattern.

camouflage data

1cm grid


Specimen of Mlok

Specimen kindly supplied by Steve Grammont

Actual size: not known

also known as:
  • 'Mlok' ('salamander') camouflage pattern
  • 'Canadian' camouflage pattern
  • 'Clown' camouflage pattern
  • 'Salamander' camouflage pattern
country of origin:


National flag: Czechoslovakia


used by:
  • Czechoslovakian airborne forces
  • Czechoslovakian army

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