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Indonesian peacekeepers. camouflage data

23 November 2006: Indonesian soldiers at Sukarno Hatta airport in Jakarta, Indonesia, prepare to leave for their United Nations peacekeeping assignment in Lebanon. More than 700 Indonesian soldiers joined the UN peacekeeping force monitoring a cease-fire between Israel and the Hezbollah. [Image: AP Photo/Tatan Syuflana.]

Republic of Indonesia

The DPM used for the British Pattern 1968 battle dress uniform featured a four-colour woodland camouflage pattern, composed of broad black, earth brown and medium green 'brush-strokes' on a light khaki background. Minor variations aside, this woodland DPM has remained practically unchanged for almost 40 years.

Prior to to the advent of CADPAT™ (TW), British DPM was usually the winner, in personal concealment competitions. Due to its success as a camouflage pattern, many countries — such as the Republic of Kenya, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the Sultanate of Oman — have adopted versions of the design that typically vary only in colour.

Other countries — including Indonesia — have produced and issued near-copies of British DPM.

Since 1986, a general 4-colour DPM pattern has been issued to all military branches of the Tentara Nasional Indonesia ('Indonesian Armed Forces', TNI). However, minor variations apparent between the camouflage patterns issued to different branches of the TNI suggest that some subtle distinctions might exist between the DPM versions issued to different services.

This version, which is issued to the TNI-AD (Indonesian Army), comprises broad black, earth brown and bright medium green 'brush-strokes' on a light khaki background and differs only slightly from British 4-colour DPM. The most significant differences are the absence of dots, around the edges of the shapes, and locally-introduced variations in the shapes and colours used. is grateful to Eric H. Larson and Indra Purnama, for their invaluable contributions to this article.

camouflage data

1cm grid


Specimen of TNI-AD DPM

Specimen kindly supplied by Eric H. Larson

Actual size: not known

also known as:
  • Indonesian DPM
country of origin:

Republik Indonesia

National flag: Republic of Indonesia

Republic of Indonesia

used by:
  • TNI-AD (Indonesia Army).

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