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A Slovenian soldier, during exercises camouflage data

At the time of writing, a major reorganization of the Slovenian Armed Forces was underway. The Slovenian 'amoeba pattern' camouflage pattern was an integral part of the Slovenian Armed Forces' transformation into a professional army which is interoperable with NATO forces, as was the FN F2000 assault rifle. [Image:]

Slovenian 'amoeba pattern' camouflage
Republic of Slovenia

At the time of writing, a major reorganisation of the Slovenian Armed Forces is underway, with the goal of changing it from a territorial defense force into a deployable force primarily aimed at peacekeeping. The intention is to create NATO-interoperable combat units which are able to operate on an even par with military units from other NATO countries.

The development and introduction of this four-colour Slovenian 'amoeba pattern' camouflage was an integral part of the process. is grateful to Henrik Clausen, for his invaluable contribution to this article.

camouflage data

1cm grid

Slovenian 'amoeba pattern' camouflage

Specimen of Slovenian 'amoeba pattern' camouflage

Specimen kindly supplied by Henrik Clausen collection

Actual size: not known

also known as:
  • Slovenian 'jigsaw pattern' camouflage
country of origin:

Republika Slovenija

National flag: Republic of Slovenia

Republic of Slovenia

used by:
  • Slovenian Armed Forces (Slovenian: Slovenska vojska).

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