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An East German soldier, circa 1958 global search

Dating from 1958, this appears to be the earliest model Flächentarnmuster camouflage uniform. This design was introduced as a native German replacement for the Second World War Russian camouflage patterns. [Image: Daniel Peterson/The Crowood Press Ltd.]

National flag: German Democratic Republic

Deutsche Demokratische Republik

German Democratic Republic

The German Democratic Republic (commonly known in English as East Germany) was a socialist state created by the Soviet Union in the Soviet Zone of occupied Germany and the Soviet sector of occupied Berlin. East Germany existed from 1949 until 1990, when its re-established states acceded to the adjacent Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany), thus producing the current form of the state of Germany.

Prior to reunification, it consisted of 14 smaller districts and East Berlin which received the equivalent status of a district in 1961. The districts were named after their metropoles: Rostock, Neubrandenburg, Schwerin, Potsdam, Frankfurt (Oder), Magdeburg, Cottbus, Halle, Leipzig, Erfurt, Dresden, Karl-Marx-Stadt (called Chemnitz until 1953 and again after 1990), Gera, and Suhl.

camouflage patterns of the German Democratic Republic

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